OpenSUSE Newsletter Settimanale/62

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In questo numero:

  • Incontro del Progetto openSUSE il prossimo Mercoledì
  • Rilasciate le Linee Guida dell'openSUSE Trademark
  • Ken Yap: Come clonare una VM Linux di VirtualBox in una macchina reale (v0.9)
  • 11.2 Roadmap e Ciclo di Rilasci Fissati per openSUSE
  • Rupert Horstkötter: OSF Rapporto sullo Stato #3


  • openSUSE Trademark Guidelines Released
    "Il Progetto openSUSE è felice di annunciare il rilascio delle Linee Guida dell'openSUSE Trademark (PDF). Con le linee guida, il Progetto openSUSE cerca di chiarire tutte le questioni riguardo l'uso del marchio openSUSE e rendere più semplice la sua redistribuzione."
  • Di più sugli openSUSE Trademark
    "Un ringraziamento a tutta la comunità che ha risposto e lasciato commenti al riguardo. Come abbiamo già menzionato quando le linee guida sono state annunciate, ci aspettavamo di vedere come le persone fanno uso dei marchi."
  • openSUSE Project Meeting next Wednesday
    "Next week’s openSUSE Project meeting should be fairly substantial. If you can make it, please do! The meeting will be at 17:00 UTC on #opensuse-project on Freenode. The agenda is here, feel free to add to it if there’s something we should discuss. (As if the topics on the agenda already weren’t enough!) ..."
  • Su di giri per la Google Summer of Code
    "Il Progetto openSUSE sta cercando qualche buona guida per la Google Summer of Code 2009! Il Progetto openSUSE l'anno scorso ha partecipato come organizzazione guida, e speriamo di partecipare di nuovo nel 2009. L'iscrizione dell'organizzazione e delle guide future inizia la prossima settimana. ..."

Nella Comunità

  • Linux Foundation: Linux Foundation to Build New Community
    "SAN FRANCISCO and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 3, 2009 – The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, and SourceForge, a leader in community-driven media and e-commerce, (NASDAQ: LNUX) today announced that the Linux Foundation will be the new host for, taking over the editorial and community stewardship for the site. The two companies will collaborate to create a vibrant and long-lasting community destination for Linux users and developers."
  • Fights FOSS License FUD - Intervista con Zonker
    "Sembra che ogni volta che scrivo un pezzo suggerendo l'OpenSource come un'opzione, ricevo qualche commento che avverte i lettori riguardo alla complessità delle varie licenze. Così ho deciso di chiedere a qualcuno che conosce esattamente le licenze Free e OpenSource (FOSS) di fare un confronto con le controparti commerciali, dove sono meno e/o più complesse."

Aggiornamenti sullo Stato


Suse Box.png
  • 11.2 Roadmap e Fissato il Ciclo di Rilascio per openSUSE
    "La roadmap per la versione 11.2 è ora pronta, e openSUSE sta per avere un ciclo di rilasci fissato! Nome in codice “Fichte,” openSUSE 11.2 è pianificata per il rilascio a Novembre, dopo il quale i rilasci saranno effettuati ogni 8 mesi. Mentre tutte le caratteristiche per la 11.2 non sono ancora state fissate, il rilascio dovrebbe includere KDE 4.3, GNOME 2.28, il Kernel Linux 2.6.30 (o maggiore), un'interfaccia grafica Web per YaST, il supporto completo ai netbook (tramite i driver liberi), Ext4, e altro. ..."

Build Service

  • Incontro del Build Team
    "Minuti dell'Incontro"
  • osc 0.114
    "Ho aggiornato il pacchetto di osc; ora è alla versione 0.114. Potete prelevarlo da openSUSE:Tools, come al solito."

Wiki / Comunicazione / Eventi

  • Rupert Horstkötter: OSF, Rapporto sullo Stato #3
    "Lasciatemi presentare le statistiche del forum di openSUSE di Febbraio 2009. ..."
  • Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Conferenza Nigeriana sul Free
    "As the Free and Open Source Software Nigeria conference is set to start on the sixth of March -- Friday, that is -- I'm in the last stages of packing. Travel advisories say lots of anti mosquito gear, if only because visiting near areas with malaria, dengue and yellow fever makes me think "I want to return home healthy." I'm also packing the last box of KDE booklets that the KDE-India team produced; this means that Pradeepto, Piyush, Sharan, Shashank, Ramki (and whomever I have forgotten) will have reached four continents with their work."

Trucchi e Consigli

  • Masim Sugianto: Apache Web Server & Virtual Host on openSUSE : Part 2
    "This is the second part for Apache VirtualHost on openSUSE tutorial. Please refer to part 1 for further information regarding Apache installation on openSUSE. I prepared the tutorial for presentation on Indonesian openSUSE Community monthly meeting #14 Indonesian openSUSE Community last Saturday."
  • Sankar P: Libro su openSUSE 11.1 - LinuxIdentity
    "Questo è il tipo di libro che può aiutare perfino la propria nonna ad usare openSUSE come suo desktop primario, senza richiedere troppi sforzi, e con il quale vorrebbe usare un tosta pane. Andate e compratelo! :-) "
  • Ben Kevan: Avviando / Usando ext4 su openSUSE 11.1
    "Così con il branch 2.6.28 del kernel è stato introdotto il supporto principale per ext4. Dunque, come provarlo sulla propria installazione di openSUSE 11.1? Prima scarichiamo la nuova versione del kernel 2.6.28 direttamente da che mentre scrivo è la ..."

Applicazioni Nuove/Aggiornate @ openSUSE

  • Petr Mladek: OpenOffice_org 3.1 alpha1 available
    "Sono felice di annunciare che i pacchetti di 3.1 alpha1 sono disponibili nel Build Server come progetto OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project. The packages are alpha versions and might include even serious bugs. Therefore they are not intended for data-critical usage. A good practice is to archive any important data before an use, …"
  • Sascha Manns: New/Updated Applications @ home:saigkill
    "Hello Folks, now following an List from my last updated/worked Packages: ..."
  • Thomas Schraitle: Leggere EBooks con Calibre
    "Back in the (should I say: old?) days books were created from dead trees. Now, with the raise of different reading devices, we can read them digitally. Thanks to Kovid Goyal we can enjoy ebooks with the Calibre reader also on your ordinary PC or laptop."

Pianeta SUSE

  • Lukas Ocilka: Google Summer of Code 2009 - openSUSE is Looking for Mentors and Students
    "Last year, openSUSE participated in Google Summer of Code 2008 and we'd like to participate this year as well. We (Stanislav Visnovsky, Jiri Srain and I) have already proposed some GSoC Ideas (partly based on the BrainStorming Prague feedback) and now we are looking for projects mentors and students. Of course, the list of ideas is not fixed and it is still in progress..."
  • Federico Mena-Quintero: Fixing RANDR - Introduction
    "RANDR is the X extension that lets applications see that they are running on a machine with more than one monitor: a laptop and a projector, a desktop machine with three monitors, a docking station, etc. Over the past few months many people have done a lot of work to make all of this Just Work(tm), but unfortunately there is still a lot of work to do."
  • Thomas Göttlicher: YaST Qt UI with Context Menus
    "Context menus are supported by almost all UI frameworks and most people got used to them. Therefore it’s high time to provide context menus in the YaST Qt UI as well. yast2-qt-2.18.6 offers this feature, packages are available in my build service repository."
  • Danny Kukawka: HAL: new keys to match kernel version
    "Since a while there is the problem that e.g. suspend quirks or key mappings differ between kernel versions. While machines with newer kernel versions may need no longer to map scancodes (as in case of ThinkPads) or need no special suspend handling anymore, systems with older kernels may need other handling."
  • Ben Kevan: Finding information on your hardware openSUSE
    "Have you ever wanted to know more information about your hardware, or had someone ask you about your hardware but didn’t know how to answer them? I bring you dmidecode, which a great tool that will allow you to learn more of what’s “under the covers”."

openSUSE Forum

  • Ken Yap: How to clone a VirtualBox Linux VM to a real machine (v0.9)
    "I'm proud to present you the next issue of the recently announced "experts approach" collaboration between the openSUSE forums and the OWN. Team member ken_yap contributed a comprehensive tutorial about cloning a VirtualBox Linux VM to real hardware. This howto is very well researched and definitely worth a read. Author Ken Yap would be glad of any feedback from OWN readers."
  • Geoff Roberts: Wine - windows apps in Linux
    "You're in favor of running your preferred Windows applications under your Linux environment? Forums moderator geoffro provides a tutorial about setting up and using Wine in openSUSE."
  • NexuJin: Skype with video on openSUSE 11.1 x86_64
    "Forums member NexuJin provides a straightforward tutorial on how to install Skype with video functionality on openSUSE 11.1 64-bit installations. He shows how to convert the amd64 deb package for Ubuntu to a rpm package with alien."
  • openSUSE on Playstation 3?
    "Is the Playstation 3 capable of running a full fledged operating system? Obviously there are serious limitations with the available 256 MB RAM. Do you have any recommendations on how to boost the performance of openSUSE on the PS3? If so, please consider sharing them with the community. The PS3 is at least an interesting target. Isn't it?"
  • March 2009 Screenshot Thread
    "Have a look at our monthly screenshot thread and share your own screenshot of openSUSE with the community."

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