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Welcome to issue # 65 of openSUSE Weekly News

In this Week:

  • Update on iFolder
  • openSUSE Weekly News @
  • People of openSUSE is back
  • OpenSource meet Business
  • My GIMP Tutorial and Resource


  • Update on iFolder
    "I have some good news for people who are interested in the iFolder Project: Novell will resume open development of iFolder in the next two weeks. What does this mean? We’ll be re-launching the iFolder site, and providing access to the source code starting with 3.7.2. We also want to get iFolder into the openSUSE Build Service and start releasing iFolder with openSUSE."
  • openSUSE Weekly News @ (live/podcast)
    "We’re pleased to announce that as of today the great team of RadioTux will include a summary of openSUSE Weekly News in their German-speaking podcast “Radiotux@HoRads”. It’s planned to make this a fixed part of the shows. Air date will be every thursday between 18:00 CET and 19:30 CET.
So here are the links:
* - link to RadioTux
* - link to the podcasts/archive"

In the Community

  • Miguel de Icaza: Game Developers Conference
    "I am heading out to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco as an attendee after some strong endorsments from some friends on tweeter. If you are at the GDC or in San Francisco and would like to get together at some point drop me an email (miguel at gnome dot org). Or if there are any great hacker get-togethers for game developers, I would love to hang out with them."
  • People of openSUSE is back
    "We will start new round of People of openSUSE interviews with openSUSE community members. Just as before, the aim is make you familiar with people behind openSUSE project. We will attempt to give fair share to each part of openSUSE activity, addresing developers, testers, document writers, translators, art creators, user support on IRC, mail lists and forums, in marketing and many more. Most of them are known names, but we will also try to reach people that are not exposed to world wide public, but have significant contributions to openSUSE. They can be active in local user groups, or in languages other than English."

Status Updates




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Build Service

  • OBS 1.5.1 bugfix release
    "we just putting out an 1.5.1 bugfix release. Basically containing an workaround for a rails 2.1 bug which caused the issue not allowing you to create a project (because of lacking rights)."

Wiki / Communication / Events

  • Klaus Kämpf: Open Source Meets Business - Day1
    "Heise Verlag held its annual Open Source meets Business conference in Nuremberg last week. The conference was quite well attended, reportedly over 700 participants with approximately 699 from Germany, all in business suites ... Redhat was present with a booth (showing olpc, Novell was nowhere to be seen - strange. The Day 2"

Tips and Tricks

  • My Gimp Tutorial and Resource Linklist
    "I don't know if it's the new economy driving people away from pricey alternatives, or if Adobe lost the asstroturf war and now people understand that Gimp is a viable image editor. All I know is that Gimp just seems to be a buzz topic lately. Since I have searches pouring into my site to find the five or six little Gimp tutorials I have, here is a whole list of resources from my personal bookmark list, covering everything from beginners to intermediate to expert advice: ..."
  • Pavol Rusnak: Image with rounded corners (using CSS3)
    "W3C added nice new options for creating rounded corners of elements to their CSS3 working draft. Engines like Gecko and WebKit already implemented these functions, but they use vendor prefixes in the keywords (-moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius), because the feature is not yet fully standardized. That’s also the reason why Opera and Internet Explorer decided not to implement this extension for now."

New/Updated Applications @ openSUSE


Planet SUSE

  • Joe Brockmeier: openSUSE Infrastructure Security
    "Another nice shout-out for the openSUSE community here: The USENIX association magazine, ;login, has recognized openSUSE as having the same level of protection against some of the recently discovered package management vulnerabilities as enterprise-class distros. Says Federico Lucifredi: ..."
  • Novell OpenPR Blog: We couldn’t do this alone
    "The open source community has a lot to do with the development of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and it’s a testament to their hard work, ingenuity and creativity that Linux continues to evolve and thrive. Novell contributes and participates in several open source projects including openSUSE, Gnome, Mono, and other developer groups. By working with the community and with our customers and partners, we are continuing to improve and enhance SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop as a desktop solution that is relevant and flexible for business use."
  • Jigish Gohil: GSOC 09 student’s application open
    "Applications from the students are being accepted since last few days, I’d share a little secret ;) if you are a student planning to work hard and have fun at the same time this summer(get big bucks of course) your chances of getting project with openSUSE is quite high so start sending in your proposals. Check out list of ideas on openSUSE Summer of Code 2009 ideas page."

openSUSE Forums

  • IBM May Buy Sun??
    "@microchip8 spotted this interesting read, which has raised some interesting comments from forum members"
  • Thinking of Buying a New Laptop?!
    "If this is YOU. Consider reading what users have reported in the forum about their experiences. It could make the difference between Joy and Heartache."
  • Worm Turns Linux Routers in to Botnets
    "Security is a key feature in Linux. What could this mean for you. See the comments here."
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Released!
    "Read what Forum Members have to say about this and their experiences so far. Maybe it will interest you enough to try it yourself."

On the Web

  • Nikanth Karthikesan: Leanux - Running Linux on FAT just for fun
    "Most of the flash devices assume that fat is the only file-system. And there are plenty of electronic devices that run linux on fat. So just to know what it is to run linux on vfat, I tried it myself. The openSUSE 11.1 installer wont allow you to partition the root as vfat. So I made 2 partitions, one ext3 and one vfat. Installed on ext3. Copied the whole partition to fat. I copied original files in place of symbolic links. Added vfat filesystem module to initrd . Modified grub boot from the fat partition with init=/bin/bash."
  • Mike McCallister: Ada Lovelace Day +1: Honoring Ronda Hauben
    "Yesterday was Ada Lovelace Day, a day to honor women in technology. When I first heard about the event, I knew instantly who I wanted to honor. Though we never met, this woman helped inspire me to participate in the community that is the Internet. I’d lost track of what she was doing over the years, so I had to do some research, which of course led to more research … so, I’m late."

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